About IASH


IASH, a non-profit organization exists to support a community of healers from all disciplines who share a commitment to the use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) presuppositions, distinctions and processes in their work. We consider what we do complimentary health as it can be used in addition to standard medical practices.

Our World Health Research Mission is to define and support feasible health projects involving NLP presuppositions, distinctions and processes in order to make discoveries in the systems of influence effecting health and healing. This includes both basic and applied health research. To pursue these research outcomes, we will use structures which allow us to document and validate the applications of NLP in the area of health and healing.

NLP Research and Recognition Project

Ultimately, this will allow us to:

* learn more about the process of health and healing,
* communicate this information to others,
* educate people about viable, practical health options,
* enlarge the scope of possibilities that people perceive with respect to health and healing, and
* strengthen the bridge between the NLP Health Community and other professional communities and organizations.

This Web site supports ongoing conversation among the many people interested in advanced applications of NLP called Health Practitioners who live throughout the world.

It’s a place where ideas are voiced, interest is created, case studies and research results can be reported and networking can occur, all with no limitation because of where we might live on the planet. People in Brazil, Denmark, Germany, England, Mexico, Holland and the United States, just to name a few countries, can all contribute to the same project. And the whole world benefits from what they discover about new ways to handle health and well-being in a variety of different contexts.

It’s a place where people from big cities and small towns are able to find additional, trained NLP Health Practitioners that are available to them close-by, giving them more choices in how they approach issues that range from illness to well-being.

Prioritized Research Criteria

Research which:

* benefits the larger community by expanding what is possible,
* supports the Health Certification Training and IASH Mission statements,
* provides results which can be used as a model by others,
* provides a positive return on resources IASH has allocated,
* is replicable or disprovable by others,
* creates minimal systemic (political) opposition, and
* is timely in its completion parameters.

Classes of Research Projects

* Basic
* Clinical
* Exploratory
* Corroborative
* Survey
* Applied

Minutes from the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Membership 

ByLaws of the Institute for the Advanced Studies of Health