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Monday, May 25, 2015
Sponsors of the 2011 Annual Business Meeting and 2012 World Health Conference . . .

Full Day Seminars...

Pre-conference Thursday, October 28
and Post-conference Monday, November 1

Full Day Seminars...

Pre-conference Thursday, October 28
and Post-conference Monday, November 1


Patrick Merlevede MSc, Carl L. Harshman Ph.D.
Increasing Effectiveness through Metaprograms Measurement
Participants complete a metaprogram assessment prior to the session and will receive personal reports to use in the session. The session will be devoted to the use of metaprogram information for personal/career change, leadership development, coaching individuals and pairs, and developing teams.

Nick Kemp
Provocative Change Works in Private Practice
This is a one day event detailing Provocative Change Works strategies and approaches that I have found work best in private practice resolving a wide range of client issues, including anxiety, OCD, phobias, food problems and others

Dee Kinder
Test Drive NLP – The Basics and Presuppositions
If you are new to NLP, or would like to go back to basics, this program is for you! NLP is the study of human excellence. This workshop explores the Presuppositions, while teaching practical skills which are immediately applicable in reaching the outcomes you have set for yourself and your life.

Dr. Diane Kramer, Dr. Diane Huisinga
The Dance of Relationship - From Ordinary to Extraordinary: An Extraordinary Self Workshop
Want a systematic set of NLP strategies for helping yourself/your clients to transform dysfunctional relationships? Learn our Model- Open vs.Defensive Developmental System - and transform yourself/clients so that you/they can move with relationship grace and maximal influence.

Richard M. Gray Ph.D.
Treating Addiction; Applying NLP to Substance Use Disorders.
An overview of addictions including the neurobiology of addiction, the Stages of Change, well-formed outcomes, and criteria hierarchies. Exercises include creating: motivations to change, content free anchors, states with archetypal intensities, and transformational outcomes as paths to change.


Judith Delozier, Patricia Novick
A Multigenerational Wellness Program for Underserved Populations
At a large nonprofit serving immigrants, a wellness program applies Third-Generation NLP strategies to improve health among groups from two-year-olds to grandparents. Participants will learn more about the program’s design, experience some of its key elements, and apply them to their own projects.

Shelle Rose Charvet
Coaching for Behavior Change
Many health issues are caused by unhealthy choices and lifestyles, yet it is difficult getting people to change their behavior. You will learn ways to help people make and maintain new & better lifestyle choices.

Charles Faulkner
Cognitive Modeling – The other side of excellence
Drawing on his considerable modeling experience, scientific research in expertise, and concept/category building from Cognitive Linguistics, Charles will present the fundamental skills for Cognitive Modeling.

Marilyn Sargent
Finally, the True Structure of Grief is Revealed! 5 Natural Steps for Recovery from Any and All Loss
We feel sadness when a valuable connection is severed. Learn how guilt, anger, depression and blame can no longer be the driving force when adjusting to change. Moving Through Grief with Grace and Dignity, the Way Nature Intended gives a step-by-step pathway to lead you back into a balanced life

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