1999 World Health Conference Elsinore, Denmark

As the site of one of the first NLP Health Training Certification training programs, Denmark was selected as the site for first IASH International Health Conference to be held in Europe. With the theme of “Communicating About Health” it was our intent to help create a complimentary and mutually supportive health care continuum for the patient, Medical Community and Complimentary Health Professionals.

To facilitate greater understanding, cooperation, and participation, the common language of the Conference was English (not Danish).

We booked the Conference into the LO Skolen, located in Elsinor, famed as the site of Hamlet’s castle. This is one of the most beautiful and outstanding conference facilities in all of Denmark.

Attendees were able to visit the land of “The Little Mermaid”, out of Africa’s Karen Blixen, Tivoli – Walt Disney’s inspiration for Disneyland, and Helsingor (Elsinor) – the home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Denmark, the birthplace of many legends and nestled at the crossroads of Europe and Scandinavia, is a fairytale land of castles, history, Viking, creative design, and cutting-edge technology.

This three day conference accommodated 300 participants representing the International Health Community and provided:

  • 35 of Europe’s and the America’s most dynamic and informative presentations
  • Educational and Interactive workshops demonstrating a wide application of successful techniques targeting particular health issues (Cancer, Eyesight, Suicide Ideation/Intent, Allergies/Asthma, Anorexia/Bulimia, Chronic Pain, Corporate Culture and its impact on individual health)
  • Pre- and Post-Conference Opportunities (Double Binds; Family Systems; Multiple Sclerosis; NLP, Health and Spirituality)
  • Practical tools to bridge the borders between established medical systems and complimentary support systems
  • Networking opportunities and the creation of a Nordic Tapestry to be handed on to the next IASH conference site.
  • A “cross-culturation” of interests, discoveries, research, and education between Health Care Professionals to transform the instruments of medicine into “tools of health”

The 1996 conference (Morila, Mexico) attracted over 350 from eight countries and at the 1997 conference health professionals, representing 18 nations from around the globe, had the opportunity to view the results of the first IASH study (allergies), funded in part by the US government.