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Saturday, May 23, 2015
Notes on text formatting
Last Post 03 Dec 2008 10:31 PM by Jerry Beach. 0 Replies.
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03 Dec 2008 10:31 PM  
Rich text formatting will be removed from emails. . .

When sending posts by email please be aware that boldface, italics, colored type, tables, indented paragraphs, bulleted lists, and most other formatting will be removed. Your message will appear in plain text.

For most conversational messages, this works fine.

Use the online forum software if you need rich text formatting.

Recommendations . . .

You can make bullet lists or numbered lists, yourself, without relying on your email software's automatic formatting features. For example use hyphens for bullets, or manually enter numbers, yourself:

- Bullet item 1
- Bullet item 2
- etc

1) Numbered item 1
2) Numbered item 2
3) etc

To highlight text, rather than colors or bold place *asterisks* around the text you want to emphasize. An alternative to italics is to "use quotes."

Remember, tables, indents, etc. even boldface and italics will
will be removed when your email is posted.

How to get formatting into your posts . . .

If you want formatting such as tables or italics, use the online forum software to compose your messages. (Visit the discussion area using a web browser and click reply.) You'll also be able to preview and proofread prior to submitting your message.

Another method would be to draft your reply using your email system. Then copy and paste the formatted text into an online forum reply.

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