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Sunday, May 24, 2015
Hallbom's DSR using kinesthetics
Last Post 11 Dec 2008 08:42 PM by Debrah Roundy. 0 Replies.
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11 Dec 2008 08:42 PM  
Another note on the Dynamic Spin Release developed by the Hallbom's. I have written before on my client who is blind, Angel.
Christmas is a difficult time for Angel because she longs to see everything that she can't.
I wanted to try to see if I could make the DSR program work for her so it was a perfect match.
Instead of having Angel visualize her problem I had her place it in her hands and feel it. She imagined the Christmas depression as a heavy, hard rock with sharp edges. We spent time amplifying the submodalities of the Christmas depression then she identified feelings that went with those submodalities. As an example, the sharp edges were the mean things say and how they go sharply into her heart. It was almost real to her and I will write this as if it were real.
We then identified the gift of the rock; to protect her heart.
Next I compared her rock to a kernel of pop corn that is rock hard, but when it heats up bursts open with a yummy gift.
She spun the rock in her hand, showing me the direction it was going. We did that entire piece kinesthetically and suddenly it popped like the popcorn and down floated into her outstretched hands the gift that was hiding inside just as the popcorn hids the soft edible gift inside it hard shell.
Hers was a koosh heart.
I then had her bring her hands near her mouth and give it a puff of air to send it on its way through out the universe to gather ideas to send back to her.
That koosh-heart sent back some wonderful ideas of things she could do to make her Christmas season brighter like go caroling, sledding, and taking cookies to friends.
I then suggested something I did with another client. However the other client came up with the idea herself and in this case I suggested the koosh-heart visit me. Angel invited the heart to rest on my shoulder. Angel is a poet and I pointed this out to the heart and suggested she write a poem about the Sounds of Christmas and set it to music to give as a very unique Christmas gift from her heart. Then I caught the koosh-heart resting on my shoulders and gave it a poof back to her to take into herself as a gift.
It was a really fun and, for her, enlightening session as she came up with the answers within herself. Several times she was surprised and would say, "That's right. It makes sense."
I hope this inspires others to use this wonderful program-gift the Hallboms developed. It is such a delightful program.
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