L Michael Hall, PhD

Mastering Your Health Matrix:
Developing a Matrix of Frames that
Self-organizes for Self-healing

Health describes the state or condition of our mind–body–emotion system and, as a system, it is powerfully influenced by a multitude of factors: genetics, environment, accidents, health care, understandings, beliefs, and decisions about health practices. Each of us have a matrix of frames regarding these factors and these belief–value–decision–understanding frames make up our Matrix. This workshop will introduce the Matrix model so participants can detect their Health Matrix, access their inner powers to then master and transform that Matrix so that it supports and enhances health, fitness, energy, and vitality in all dimensions.

Since it is meaning frames all the way up and down, Neuro–Semantics explores the relationship between the meanings that we create and the semantic reactions and responses that we then literally embody and incorporate. There are a multitude of Neuro–Semantic patterns for putting new enhancing semantic meanings into the body (e.g., Mind–to–Muscle) and for removing such (e.g., Drop down through to Rise up). These will be presented along with an extensive handout introducing the Matrix Model and how to use it systemically for healthful transformations.

HallMichaelL. Michael Hall’s doctorate is in Cognitive–Behavioral Psychology with an emphasis in psycholinguistics. After studying NLP with Richard Bandler and writing some books for and about Bandler, Michael modeled resilience and reflexivity and created the Meta–States model (1994), that led to developing Neuro–Semantics with Dr. Bob Bodenhamer, then the ISNS (International Society of Neuro–Semantics), the Mind–Lines model, Frame Games, the Matrix model, and more recently, The Axes of Change model (with Michelle Duval). Michael is a prolific writer (with more than 32 books) and many best sellers in the field of NLP. www.neurosemantics.com