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Kit Furey

Manifest Your Wildest Dreams

Discover how to consciously create miracles. This workshop will decode the powerful practice of setting intention, and show you how to align intention with the Universal Law of Attraction—like attracts like. We’ll take your well–formed outcome into the “fast lane” of manifesting as we apply an NLP adaptation of a well–tested formula for creating miracles. It’s been said that “Seventeen seconds of pure focus on an intention is equivalent to 20,000 hours of slugging it out in the physical plane to achieve an outcome.” If that’s true, then this NLP process for aligning intention with the Universal Law of Attraction is an efficient way to manifest your wildest dreams! Bring your well–formed outcome and we’ll take it to the next level.

Pre–requisite: NLP Practitioner. Bring a well–formed outcome, an open mind and an open heart. (If manifesting your wildest dreams piques your interest, you might enjoy reading Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting, by Lynn Grabhorn, before the conference.)

  Kit Furey, JD, is a lawyer, Health Certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Master. She is also trained in shamanic healing. As the mother of three teenagers—16, 16 and 15—she applies her skills to maintain her position as family group leader. Kit has an NLP practice in Boise, Idaho, and is writing her first book.