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Linda Fitch

Walking with Protection in the World

This transformational healing experience and unique learning opportunity will acquaint you with the “wisdom of the Inka shamans which can be known but not told.” Open the door to new perspectives and possibilities – tools that can enhance your everyday life.

Walking with Protection in the World. Sorcerers of old sought to attain wisdom and liberation through intent, tracking, and dreaming. Their descendants forgot these practices and were seduced by the manipulation of power and people. We live in a world where power is constantly being abused and misused, and where we must be vigilant and protected from the sorcery around us. We will talk about the practices for undoing sorcery and neutralizing the harm that might be directed against us and our loved ones, or that we may be calling upon ourselves. Come learn about walking through life with protection and light.

  Linda Fitch is the Executive Director of the Four Winds Society. Linda worked with the U.S. Forest Service and from 1996-2000 was co–owner of Anchor Point Institute, an NLP (Neuro–Linguistic Programming) training company. Linda has studied the shamanic healing methods through the Healing the Light Body® School at the Four Winds Society and has traveled to Peru and been initiated into the Andean healing traditions of the Inka Medicine people.