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Rod Boslau

The Science of Thought...The Art of Change

For over 30 years, Rod Boslau has committed his life to the pursuit of understanding and mastery of the mind, the body, and the holistic Zen approach to the Arts of healing and helping others.

As an early pioneer of Idaho’s first paramedic program and Back Country Rescue Team, Rod began his journey by learning of the physical body while helping people in crisis. This passion for helping people led him to pursue the Martial Arts where he studied under a number of experts including Grand Master Edmund Parker — Founder of the International Kenpo Karate Association and trainer of such elite Martial Artists as Bruce Lee. To date, Rod has earned the honor of 5th degree Black Belt, has owned and operated the Northwest’s premiere Martial Arts studio and has a distinguished track record as a tournament karate champion.

In 1988, the door to NLP opened for Rod which has led him to his current Master Practitioner accreditation. His path has been influenced by many leaders in the field including founders Richard Bandler and Robert Dilts. In 1996, Rod founded ZoneMasters, Inc., intent on fulfilling his passion for helping others, while creating a new framework for healing. This private practice has opened new avenues for NLP applications and continued endorsements of our Art.


Find yourself sharing three hours with Rod as we explore “The Science of Thought… The Art of Change.”