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Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Sponsors of the 2011 Annual Business Meeting and 2012 World Health Conference . . .

Friday, Saturday, Sunday...
Conference Presentations


David Festenstein, Tom Gorley
"A Stroke of Luck" how NLP supported these remarkable recoveries!
David and Tom are NLP Master Practitioners who had a brain haemorrhage which paralysed their right hands and arms and left them unable to walk. This presentation is about how they used their NLP training to not only deal with the event but to drive and support these remarkable recoveries.

Patrick Merlevede
30 years of meta-programs - where did we get?
After a brief discussion of the evolution of meta-programs and an overview of research studies, we will focus on today's applications in all areas of talent management, whether it is recruiting, training, coaching, retention or outplacement and discuss how to link this to modeling excellence.

Charlie Fantechi
ABC5- a New European Approach to Counseling
An innovative 5 session approach developed and practised with tangible success by Charlie Fantechi in Europe, the ABC5 model provides a scientific format to the course of counseling, allowing the client and the counselor the stability of a pre-established, flexible, 5 session time frame.

Marilyn Carmona, Paul Babbitt
Change Your Handwriting and Transform Your Neurology and Your Life
Changing your handwriting is a simple and magical tool for personal growth and transformation, that literally goes hand in hand with NLP to allow you to go from present state to desired state.Adopting and daily writing new and empowering handwriting ensures permanent neurological change and results.

Bob Neve
Compulsion Blowout: A Successful NLP Technique For Eliminating Addictions
Compulsion Blow Out is an NLP procedure that has had astounding success at eliminating addictions. Stuart Baxter and Bob Neve have performed hundreds of CBOs. We will present a video of Stuart Baxter performing a CBO with a client, present the finer points of the procedure, and conduct a Q&A.

Art Giser
Energetic NLP: Combining NLP With Transformative Energetics and Intuition Development for Health
Energetic NLP is a synthesis of NLP, energetic healing systems, intuition development, & spiritual development. You will clear energy, unconscious beliefs, emotions, and other blocks in the workshop. You will learn processes you can put to use now to enhance your health, and use with clients.

Lucy Freedman
Modeling Communication: Principles and Practices
When and why do people in organizations model interpersonal communication? What are the different approaches, what are criteria for choosing among them, and how can they be applied for the most benefit? Learn practical insights gleaned from almost 30 years of nlp-based communication modeling.

Kimi Avary
NLP for Your Dating and Relationship Success
There are over 101 million single people in the US, and people are continuing to get married . . . and divorced. People want relationships. I’ll be teaching a NLP Metaphorical Grief Process as it pertains to mining the past for jewels, freeing up energy for the present, and visioning the future.

Dee Kinder, Suzi Smith
Opening and Welcome (Sierra Ballroom)
Opening greetings and welcome.

Judith DeLozier, Patricia Novick, Marilyn Sargent, Suzi Smith, Kevin Creedon, Richard M Gray, Shelle Rose Charvet, Frank Bourke, Jerry Beach (Moderator)
Opening Panel - The State of Modeling in the NLP World Today
Opening Panel - The State of Modeling

Nick Kemp
Steve Andreas Client Session Video Showing: Limiting Beliefs About Money: Utilizing Positive Motivation.
Simon had no trouble motivating himself positively to run a 5K race, which he loved, but he completely avoided dealing with his finances. An unedited 44-minute NLP client session with follow-up.

Kit Furey
Systematically Engage Your Higher Consciousness to Effect Change
Core Transformation and Serenity Vibration Healing (TM) are dynamic in combination. SVH is an active form of prayer that directly engages your Higher Consciousness to systematically effect results. Combine it with Core Transformation to tailor SVH to achieve your unique outcomes.

Ron Bauer
The Art of 3rd Generation NLP in Transforming Systems
This is a unique and powerful workshop focusing on the process dynamics of third generation NLP (systems thinking), an individual's quest for identity level thinking and the discovery of the innate potential to access their creative genius and create an environment that sustains whole systems change

Shelle Rose Charvet
The Patient is Bothering Me
Many health issues are caused by unhealthy choices and lifestyles, yet it is difficult getting patients to change their behavior. Shelle will decode the motivators that drive both patient and doctor behaviors and will demonstrate ways to help people make and maintain new & better lifestyle choices.

Morgan Goodlander
The Structure of Transformational Change
The Transformational approach to change has a historical development that began in the 1950s. This seminar is about the working structure of that approach, where it came from, and where it is going.

Dr Frank Bourke
Update on the NLP Research & Recognition Project
Dr Bourke will be located in the NLP Lounge across from the NLP Mall for individual and group meetings, for those interested in the R & R Project throughout the conference.

Liana Voia
Using NLP-based Techniques with Pregnant Women
NLP-based techniques help expectant mothers to relieve their anxiety and/or fears about labor and birth. These techniques are present in NLP excercises, assessments, hypnosis inductions, EFT/MTT, Gestalt-based imagery, Ericksonian approaches and other modalities.


Lynda Gousha
Basic Computer Security for NLP Based Businesses
Raising the question, what's worth moving 'away from', Lynda will give an overview of 'what's going on Out There?' and what practices a prudent business owner may want to implement.

Dr. Klaus-Peter Pfeiffer
Being handicapped – An opportunity for a good life ?!
Getting handicapped can happen to each of us every day. What if a physical disability would not only be a trauma, but also provide an opportunity to live a more intensive and conscious life? Handicapped or not! A severely handicapped trainer shows you how.

Dr. Suzanne Scott
Creating a Nationwide NLP Emergency Response Team
Presentation & meeting (Tiburon Room 5:45-6:30)

Help plan the creation and implementation of a nationwide NLP Emergency Response Team (ERT). In this 30-minute session, you will receive a packet of information about how you can best prepare for emergencies. As a group, we will then brainstorm ideas and share contacts to help create an NLP ERT.

Sharon McCarthy, Dr. Anthony Scannella
Cultivating a Passion for Compassion
This experiential presentation applies the tools and techniques of NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis to Educational systems (whether in or out of the penal system). The NLP skills, knowledge and dispositions afforded here are brain-based approaches that are preventative, developmental and responsive.

Patricia Novick, Judith Delozier
Designing Culturally Appropriate Exercises for Intergenerational Participants
In a wellness program for Hispanic immigrants, serving participants from two years old to 85 years old, several culturally-centered intergenerational exercises were created using NLP strategies. Participants in this session will learn about the design of those exercises and experience one of them.

Dr. Diane Kramer, Dr. Diane Huisinga
Developing an Extraordinary Relationship With Yourself and Others
Identify the Unmet Developmental Needs, Limiting Beliefs, Self-defeating Patterns and Dance of Parts behind any dysfunction. Apply the components of our model - Open vs. Defensive Developmental System - so that you/your clients can become more extraordinary in every relationship.

Carla Woody
Documentary Film: One World Wisdom
"One World Wisdom" explores core values running through Indigenous cultures. This half-hour film examines the meaning of healing and community toward global renewal. Features the Hopi, Lacandón Maya and Quechua traditions. View the trailer on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQMataBe8cM

Olive Hickmott
Empowering Learning: New Perspectives on Learning difficulties
Visual children are highly intelligent, but often fail in school because they don’t learn in the same way as the education system expects. A combination of NLP and EnergeticNLP enables teachers and parents alike to quickly learn invaluable skills to guide these children

Kimiko Bokura (presenting Dr. Masaki Kono and Dr. Hiromi Tamaki)
From cancer cell to spirituality--Medical application of NLP for the path to health
In this presentation, Kimiko brings Dr. Kono and Dr. Tamaki to share with you exciting application of NLP in their practice which ranges from cancer, ADD, eating disorder, depression, etc., and give you the critical patterns/models to regain the health both at the cell level and spiritual level.

Tianna Galgano
Getting Co-operation From A Stubborn 'Self-Sabotage' Part
Clients who describe themselves as "self-sabotaging" may have a protective 'part' that stubbornly refuses to change what it is doing. A part may block success, refuse to allow healing, cause chronic pain. Tianna's shamanic journey process can get co-operation from this part.

Kevin Creedon
Healthy Sleep Modeling Project Report
Healthy Sleep Project Team presentations. Other presentations or team meetings may be scheduled by team leaders in the presentation rooms during open times and posted. (Saturday lunch or Saturday evening)

Ingrid Stoop
MatriXmethod, Ingrid's coachingtool to solve fear problems in a few minutes
Ingrid Stoop, from Holland, developed her coachingtechnique to solve problems as fear. She wrote her Dutch book and it is translated also in English and French. The method is very sucessfull in Holland on schools, business and healthcare. Over 1000 professisonals worldwide are using this method.

New insights into depression
From personal experience I made some very interesting discoveries about the mechanisms that trigger depression, and a insightful new way of how to deal with this complex of symptoms. The ideas come, amongst others, from NLP and Neuro-Semantics.

Yenpo Ting
NLP and Feng Shui - Create the future you want
Do you know every experience has structure? Do you know the things how we place and how it represents in our environment that come into our sight will interwork with our inner feeling and creat an experience?

Nick Kemp
Provocative Change Works(tm) for Therapeutic Excellence
I will be teaching and demonstrating the Provocative Change Works approach that I use with great success in dealing with a wide range of client issues, including OCD, phobias, anger, jealousy and other issues. Attendees will also get the opportunity to work with The Provocative Icon card system

Seth-Deborah Roth
Using Hypnosis for Frozen Gait Syndrome
Come learn about the techniques used during this case study of using hypnosis for Frozen Gait Syndrome. The connection involved in the mind body is very real!! At the end of this powerful session, the client was able to walk without the aid of her walker that had previously limited her movements.

Renee Stephens
Weight Loss, Spirituality and NLP
What role does spirituality play in weight loss? Can we use spiritual resources to slim down and end the battle of the bulge? Join motivational weight loss expert Renee Stephens as she shares her cutting edge research into weight loss as a vehicle for spiritual transformation.


Lynn Gordon
"Magic Bullets" What's Worked for ME
My goal is to help people achieve in the shortest workable time, sustained resolution to the issues they bring to counseling. This workshop will feature the processes and techniques, both from NLP and from other fields, which I have found most successful in my 40+ years of working with people

Charles Faulkner
Keynote Address (Sierra Ballroom)
Keynote Address

Silvia Johnson
3 Simple Secrets to 6 Figures Outside the Cubicle
This presentation uses the power of modeling through NLP to help design a six figure business regardless of the economy. This program will be especially useful for those just starting out, or those who work with small business owners, by giving a clear 3 point strategy to follow.

Jerry Beach
Cognitive Models, Ritual, and the Patterns of NLP
Where in NLP do we see the patterns of ritual and magic? How can the utterance of a simple “I Do” bring a marriage into existence? Clues from cognitive linguistics, and everyday rituals, provide hints about the magic in NLP -- A survey of metaphor theory, mental spaces, frame semantics and more.

Rich Liotta, Ph.D., Rosemary Lake-Liotta, L.C.S.W.
Enhancing 4 Practices Vital to Achieving Abundance in Your Life
A sense of abundance is remarkably useful in helping you get what you want in your life. Four general practices are vital to achieving abundance: reflection, appreciation, creation, and action. NLP provides skills to help utilize these practices effectively. This presentation will show you how.

Arthur F. Lange, Ph. D.
Falling Asleep - NLP Modelling of Excellent Behavior
Falling Asleep, either initially or after waking in the middle of the night, is a skill that some have mastered. This presentation will discuss how to model excellent falling asleep skills to learn them yourself or to teach them to others.

Debrah Roundy, M.Ed., D.S., Xavier Lee
Fostering Great Health for Children With Psychoneuroim­munology
Debrah Roundy incorporates NLP programs in her special needs classroom and found that a secondary gain was healthier students. She will share her expertise with stats, tips, games, songs, curriculum and information and a new NLP strategy so you can nurture healthier students, children and clients.

Maryam Webster
Introducing ETHOS (a new NLP Healing Modality) And Treating The First Wound
A little-known First Wound beyond the obvious birth trauma we all share must be cleared for personal peace, and for other work to take effect. ETHOS, a method blending NLP and Energetic Change techniques will be shared w/processes to transform the First Wound and "universalize"your NLP practice.

Carl L. Harshman, Ph.D., Patrick Merlevede, M.Sc.
Modeling Excellence with Metaprograms to Improve Performance
Program Goals: 1. Introduce modeling excellence using metaprograms 2. Demonstrate creation of models of excellence 3. Present business/education case applications of models 4. Discuss applications of interest to participants. Participants receive a free online assessment used to build models.

Richard M. Gray, Ph.D.
Science you can use: Three scientific observations that explain and enhance NLP processes
There are three places where science has caught up with NLP, providing information for refining technique and deepening our understanding of NLP processes: reconsolidation and the fast phobia cure; The Kafka effect, provocation and humor and; quantum physics and pseudo-orientations in time.

Carla Woody
Stoking the Fire: NLP and Indigenous Wisdom
As NLP meets indigenous wisdom traditions it provides an opportunity for the mind to move to a state of timelessness beyond Self. Workshop explores how NLP paired with clearing ritual and cosmology serves to create shift at the archetypal level affecting not only individuals but entire communities.

Suzi Smith
The Art of Letting Go
This workshop will be a mix of NLP and The Sedona Method, an accelerated way of letting go of feelings that are no longer useful - like anger, stress, Th jealousy, guilt, anxiety etc. By adding submodalities, anchors and positive intention to The Sedona Method, you can be the master of well-being..

Sue Bayliss
Translucent NLP
Holistic Spirituality is a rapidly expanding field. In this workshop we will use NLP to enable us to connect deeply with ourselves, with others and with our natural environment. We will wake up our senses to be fully in the moment and centered in our bodies with a powerful connection to our hearts.

Hollis Polk
Uncover Your Intuitive Gifts
Your intuition is unique. The secret is to model what already works for you & do more of it. Learn the 6 different intuitive channels, recognize which ones you use naturally & learn how to improve your accuracy. There will be lots of fun exercises so you can explore & practice!

Rachel Hott
Using Trance Phenomena to Frame Your Interventions
You will learn how to listen for trance phenomena when a client speaks about their present and desired states. After identifying the trance phenomena, i.e. "I am stuck. (catalepsy), the therapist/coach can determine an appropriate intervention based on the trance phenomena expressed.

Anne Teachworth
Why we Pick the Mates We do
Using my Psychogenetics System, particpants privately fill out a 10 question selection test which will accurately reveal the unconscious programming we call "chemistry" which controls our selection through the entire relationship imprinting. Includes a demonstration of inner couple reprogramming.

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